Should I move to Bend, Oregon?

Question by Joyce S: Should I move to Bend, Oregon?
I have been looking to move out of California ever since I was seven years old. Now that I am older, have a job and kids of my own, I am considering leaving as early as next tax season. I work as a full time preschool teacher and earn about $ 1444.00 a month. My 3 kids will be making the move with me. I searched apartment listings and have found the prices to be fairly reasonable compared to what I am paying each month for rent.

I am planning to visit in December to get a feel for the town to see if I like it. I have best friend that lives hours away in Vancouver and a cousin that lives in Seattle. So family isn’t far away. I am planning to move in March. I am use to the snow and cold weather and rain, I lived in Oklahoma up to the age of 7yrs or so.

I’ve heard that the schools are better there than in California. Does anyone know anything about the job market? I’d like to continue in the Early Childhood Education field. Oh, and if anyone has any tips on how I can help the kids adjust to the weather? They’ve never been around cold weather.



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Answer by A Hunch
I love Bend, on the weekend. The street roles up and there is nothing to do on the week days.

If you are earning $ 1444 a month in Bakersfield, you will probably earn a small amount less in Bend, if you can find a job. Bend has a VERY high unemployment rate – it was ranked as one of 3 “economic disacter zones” by the federal government. Even with California’s economic problems the other 2 are not in California.

Bend is also an area where there is a big difference between the “haves” and the “have nots”. There is a street that goes through the center of town that really just splits the area. The better neighborhoods are really beautiful. My biggest complaint is that there is NOTHING to do on weekday evenings. Events such as community concerts only occur on the weekends.

I don’t think living in a place with winter until age 7 really qualifies as “I am use to the snow and winter”. You don’t regularly drive in it, you don’t have to get ready for work in it… it’s different when you are a kid.

And you will not really be “close” to friends and relatives. Portland is 3 hours from Bend in normal weather. Vancouver we’ll say is another hour (4 hours) and Seattle would be an additional 4 hours (8 hours).

I think Bend is a GREAT place to visit. I think there are lots of better places to live if you want out of California – Carson City, NV? Flagstaff, AZ?

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